Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mets AA Prospects

You probably heard the hype surrounding the Mets having 5 prospects named to the AA All-Star game and F-Mart playing in the futures game. Just wanted to let you look at their numbers and judge for yourself. F-Mart got called up from A ball so there is some adjusting period that is normal for a 19 year old. But check out Daniel Murphy, he looks like a complete player (except his atrocious defense). Quietly, Salvador Aguilar has a 10 and 2 record with a 2.97 era.

Nick Evans - 296 ab, 52 runs, 14 hr, 53 rbi, .311 ba, .365 obp, .311, 2 sb
Mike Carp - 332 abs, 42 runs, 10 hr 48 rbi, .307 ba, .386 obp .449 slg, 0 sb
Daniel Murphy - 298 abs, 45 runs, 10 hr, 55 rbi, .302 ba, .361 obp, .466 slg, 10 sb
F Mart - 221 abs, 32 runs, 4 hr, 21 rbi, .294 ba, .338 obp, .421 slg, 5 sb

Jonathan Niese - 110.2 ip, 3.09 era, 1.30 whip, 97:40 k:bb, 5-7 record
Salvador Aguilar - 106 ip, 2.97 era, 1.25 whip, 70:34 k:bb, 10-2 record
Robert Parnell - 105 ip, 3.94 era, 1.41 whip, 76:49 k:bb, 9-4 record

Still think the Mets farm is depleted?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

OK. So on the surface this looks like a great photo. One of the ones that will be made into a poster and sold every place that sells NBA things.
But let's take a closer look at it.
All the players are in height order, Dwight Howard to Chris Paul (Left to Right). All of them seem to be posing the same way. All of them except for Mr. Howard, who coincidentally is the only player not sponsored by Nike, Team USA's sponsor. Howard's pose just so happens to cover the Nike "swoosh" on his shorts.
As a veteran of basketball team photos, I can say that it is not common to have your tallest player holding the ball. That job usually falls to the PG.
Hmmmm I smell a topic on 1st and 10.

Yankees v Red Sox

What a great weekend this is going to be. Good weather, fireworks, grilling, pools and beer. All of these are great things. These are things that I love. But what is going to make my weekend?

Yankees-Red Sox.

You've got to be psyched if you're a Yankee fan right now. One night after an offensive outburst, the likes of which haven't been seen all year, the team with the most losses on the road come into The Cathedral, on the heels of being swept by the Rays. Oh by they way its The Bosses birthday weekend too.

So with this being The Bosses birthday weekend, I've got a feeling that Mr. Steinbrenner might be in attendance for some, if not all the games this weekend against the reeling BoSox. The Yankees have made it a habit of responding to criticism from the Steinbrenner's positively. Even this year with Hank at the helm.

Call me crazy like my Mets counter-part but I see a 4 game sweep. The highlight of which will be a through beating of the Sox on Friday (George's B-Day) and it will all culminate with a dominating performance by Joba in front of a national audience on Sunday.

Like I said call me crazy.

Let's Go Yankees.

See Yall on Monday.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What the Fuck (Joe) Buck?

Ok, so Joe Buck no longer likes baseball games. He said he can no longer sit through a 3 hour game on a daily night. He was on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5zr1p_buck0001_latino.

What a moron.

Monday, June 30, 2008


It is absolutely ridiculous the level of criticism that the NY media, including SNY heap on the Mets. As I sit here SNY is taking calls from the New Yorkers that hate on the Mets to the extreme and want them to trade Jose Reyes for Johnny Peralta and Fausto Gopherball Carmona. It's just so dumb to take calls while covering a live baseball game.

I listened to the post game show Saturday and it was the same garbage. From what they were saying you would think the Mets are the worst team in baseball and then the next night Ollie shut down the Yankees.

The media is the biggest problem the Mets have and thats real. SNY and WFAN have combined to increase pressure on the Mets players than all of their other problems. And It's not like I'm a Mets fan with a bias about this I like the BoSox.

Baby's Got Back

First of all it is great to see that jeezy has learned basic grammar skills in 22 years of life.

Second, I must say there is a stark difference between Joba fist pumping and Jose Reyes throwing his glove down in frustration after his teammate drops a catchable ball. Joba's fist pumps are done after he strikes someone out. This is an act of jubilation and passion, if you will.

There is no way around it, Reyes was clearly frustrated with Delgado for not making the play. Granted his throw could have been better but a major league 1b should be able to make that play.
The "passion" he displayed during his new managers first inning was indeed NOT passion. It was him being immature and clearly showing that he thinks he is above the team. I'm all for arguing to stay in the game if it stops at that, but it didn't he kicked the dirt and threw his helmet like a child and gave the impression that he thought the manager had no right taking him out of the game, which is ludicrous because that's the guys' job. So please the hate you are talking about sir is that is perceived that the Yankees can do whatever they like and the Mets get ridiculed for everything. Them's the perks of being the Kings of NY.

You can throw all the stats that you want about Reyes and how he is a great talent, which he is, but what happens when he looses a little bit of that blinding speed? Has he shown the metal toughness that he can draw upon when he can no longer get by on skill?


Hey Melky, you might want to start hitting the ball because Mr. Gardner is here. Cash has said that he's not here to sit on the bench and you know Abreu and Damon are shoe-in at the corner spots, (except for the occasional day at DH to rest his legs) so where does that leave you. I'll be the first to admit that you're numbers have dropped like a 13 year old kids testicles and if your name came up in any trade discussions for top of the line starters, I might not be so heartbroken. Your best attribute is your D. You prance through CF like you've been playing there your whole life, but word is Gardner can too and even though he doesn't have the arm you have, which is way down the checklist for things a CF should have, you still better start hitting like you were in April.